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How Script Biz stands out?

As one of the most professionally managed creators of popular scripts, we are held in high esteem all over the world for our expertise in the field of quality PHP scripts. No wonder our clientele-spread shows an enviably uniform distribution across all continents. Here is now your chance to embark on a partnership program with us that could prove too rewarding for you to ignore!

Our Script Biz platform is now open to the developers of scripts, fresh and experienced alike, enabling them to unlock the true potential of their products. Script Biz helps you reach out to potential buyers in far greater numbers than you could possibly ever achieve on your own.

While you focus your efforts entirely on developing quality products, Script Biz takes care to ensure that your product is viewed, evaluated and bought by people who like them – a real chance indeed for developers to expand their horizon by manifolds!

What are the guidelines for partnership?

  • No formal partnership agreement is required for the purpose.
  • The script being uploaded has to be complete in every respect, by no means incomplete and under construction.
  • The developer has the right to predetermine the price which will be considered final.
  • It is the responsibility of the developer to ensure that the product source code is absolutely bug-free.
  • The developer has to provide the Installation Support Document.
  • All eventual after sale support will be the sole responsibility of the developer. Remember, it is the quality of support and good reviews that get you more and more new clients along with satisfied returning clients.
  • Every product has to be accompanied essentially by precise product description to minimize avoidable queries by the intending buyer.
  • The developer has to clearly define Refund Policy, if any, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy etc.
  • Uploading of scripts with pornographic contents, gambling, contents inciting religious, racial and communal hatred, description and/or promotion of illegal/ contraband products is strictly prohibited.

How do I get started in the Partnership Program?

You need only to contact us and convey your request to participate in the Partnership Program. You will be guided through a simple and quick procedure by our support system / staff to ensure your early participation. The approval for Partnership Program will however be subject to the developer qualifying on all the basic eligibility parameters.

Does Script Biz undertake to provide me with assured sales?

Script Biz can only assure your product to be viewed by huge number of intending buyers, which in itself is a great chance multiplier.  In the unique meeting place of sellers and buyers offered by Script Biz , quality products created by developers stand every chance to be liked and bought by buyers from all over the world.

Does it take long to get the approval?

No. Depending on the size and complexities involved in your product, our team of evaluators may take 3-7 working days before they are through with the assessment, based on which the approvals are either awarded or rejected. 

How and when do I pay my partnership fees?

You do not need to pay anything for your participation in the Partnership Program. This enormously popular service from Script Biz comes to you absolutely FREE.
Script Biz welcomes you to get in touch and gain from the wealth of our experience.

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