SB Groupon Clone

Developed in PHP/MySQL, the script is a perfect solution for a daily deal software with utmost versatility. It is a delight for all new website owners and users. The script is search friendly, mobile responsive without any coding skills as prerequisite.



Groupon is an American worldwide e-commerce marketplace connecting millions of subscribers with local merchants by offering activities, travel, goods and services in more than 28 countries. Based in Chicago, Groupon was launched in November 2008, and the first market for Groupon was Chicago, followed soon thereafter by Boston, New York City and Toronto. By the end of March 2015, Groupon served more than 500 cities worldwide, nearly 48.1 million active customers and featured more than 425,000 active deals globally. When it first launched, the company offered one “Groupon” per day in each of the markets it served. The Groupon worked as an assurance contract using ThePoint’s platform: if a certain number of people signed up for the offer, then the deal became available to all; if the predetermined minimum was not met, no one got the deal that day. This reduces risk for retailers, who can treat the coupons as quantity discounts as well as sales promotion tools.

SB Groupon Clone is a popular daily deal software developed in jQuery, PHP and MySQL. This product is considered the best in category. It can be used to launch a website like Groupon, Slickdeals, Dealnews, Livingsocial etc. Apart from the ready made one, option for a customized version of the product, tailor made to match your priorities, preferences and specifications, is also available on request .

The word “Clone” is used as reference. This refers to custom development of a website with functionality similar to another website. We do not offer identical copy of any website.

Payment once received cannot be cancelled or refunded under any circumstances. It is understood explicitly that the buyer opts to buy a product only after being thoroughly satisfied and convinced of the product quality.


  1. White Label (No Backlink).
  2. Latest Technology (PHP 7+, MySQLi).
  3. Responsive Layout (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop).
  4. Android App (Full Featured).
  5. Browser Independent (Firefox, Chrome).
  6. Optimized Content (Twice Faster).
  7. Fully Scalable (Up to Million Users).
  8. Price Challenge (Lowest Price Guaranteed).
  9. No Recurring Charges (One-time Payment).
  10. No Hidden Charges (Fully Transparent).
  11. Web Hosting (12 Months).
  12. Free SSL Certificate (3 Months).
  13. Installation Service (3 Months).
  14. Technical Support (3 Months).
  15. Software Update (3 Months).
  16. Simple Registration and Login.
  17. Login with facebook, google or yahoo account.
  18. Register seller profile.
  19. Multi-level category.
  20. Unlimited deal address, location, Contacts, redeem timing, deal nearest address to find out the deal location.
  21. Unlimited deal image upload.
  22. Unlimited deal Rate card upload.
  23. Check Pending, Active, Rejected, Expired Deals.
  24. Re-list rejected deals.
  25. Reactivate the expired deals.
  26. Featured seller deals.
  27. Banner ads for seller deals.
  28. Check billing history, sell list, and reviews.
  29. Edit active deals.
  30. Every edited part will require admin approval.
  31. Referral link for sellers.
  32. Check used/unused deals with the coupon no.
  33. Search deals, deal details, sellers with deal category.
  34. Search by most searched Keyword.
  35. City and category viz banner ad, top selling deals and feature deals on homepage.
  36. Refine search in category and subcategory listing pages.
  37. Refine your search by minimum price and maximum price.
  38. View the rate cards of deals.
  39. Rate your Deals.
  40. Write a review on deals
  41. Give feedback to the seller.
  42. View the location of the deal through google map.
  43. Add your deal to cart.
  44. Get extra discount (flat off, percentage off) with the coupons before checkout.
  45. Pay with payment gateways.
  46. Use your seller credit to buy deals
  47. Home Page – Select all categories – Enter search keyword, then it shows a error saying ‘please select category’, however it continues to search.
  48. Complete CMS system.
  49. List of users.
  50. List of sellers.
  51. See user details.
  52. See seller details.
  53. Suspend users, seller
  54. Generate/edit coupon for discount.
  55. Check all pending, active, rejected, expired deals,
  56. Approve pending deals
  57. Approve edited deals.
  58. Edit/Delete deals
  59. Add/edit/delete category subcategory.
  60. Add/edit/delete banner ad, feature ads.
  61. Add/edit/delete payment gateways
  62. Check Paid/Unpaid/purchased orders.
  63. Check billing history of seller and user.
  64. Check reviews.
  65. Add/edit/delete banners Ads.
  66. Add/edit/delete feature ads.
  67. Coupon code generation module for admin panel, where we can generate some coupon code to offer additional discount for special occasions.
  68. Vendor list — Sort by name sort by categories, sort by city, sort by expiry date, sort by featured.
  69. Featured deal is per week basis.
  70. Admin must be able to see user details (both customer and vendor separately) , Details include userid/email, previous orders.
  71. Option to reset customer password.
  72. Option to give and subtract some credit from seller account.

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Legal Disclaimer

  1. We do not offer identical copy of Groupon.
  2. We do not offer source code of Groupon.
  3. We are not (in anyway) associated to Groupon.
  4. Our services (website design/ development) are not endorsed by Groupon.
  5. This page features information already in public domain.
  6. Features and specifications are subject to change without notice. Please check the live demo before ordering.

Additional information


Single Domain (Encrypted)


Core PHP/ MySQL/ jQuery

Server Requirements

Linux/ Windows, Apache 2.2.x


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FREE (3 Months)


FREE (3 Months)

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