Volkswagen opens new software development centre in Germany:-

Credits : Auto.economictimes

Volkswagen has opened its new information technologydevelopment centre in Dresden that will work to create industrial cloud to connect all its production facilities.

Around 80 IT specialists will work in the facility to develop the Volkswagen industrial cloud that is being built in association with Amazon Web Services.

The industrial cloud will bring together data from Volkswagen’s all the factories and enable smart real-time control, simultaneously in different factories. The goal of this industrial cloud system is to amalgamate all data and digitalize the production and logistics.

The automakers is also putting 5,000 digital experts into a new unit called “Car.Software” by 2025, as the German car manufacturer aims to develop at least 60% of its software in-house by then, up from less than 10% currently.

Volkswagen also said all of its new vehicles would use the same software platform – consisting of its vehicle operating system known as “vw.os” and the Volkswagen Automotive Cloud – by 2025.

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